IMPORTANT! Juan Carlos Escotet: The San Clemente Rosalia ABANCA Awards

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IMPORTANT! Juan Carlos Escotet: The San Clemente Rosalia ABANCA Awards



ABANCA is a bank in Europe that has gotten a significant importance among the name of the banks in the planet. Did you know that ABANCA has participated in many promotions and celebrations such as the San Clemente Rosalia-ABANCA awards?

In this celebration, the French writer Pierre Lemaitre had a participation together with Sara Mesa from Madrid and Xabier Quiroga from Galicia. The event was held in Santiago de Compostela.

[Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]

Juan Carlos Escotet

 This event has more than 20 years being held. It is improving in terms of becoming more famous worldwide thanks to the contributions of ABANCA and the collaboration agreement.

Juan Carlos Escotet, vice president of ABANCA, gave a strong importance to support youth and provide them with the tools to use their talent. Today’s technology is on broad thanks to the the internet and the many applications that they can be useful for those ones who may need an extra help. Empowering talent is a priority according to the vice president.

[Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]: Abanca

Juan Carlos Escotet: Abanca

You can see that ABANCA is definitely working a lot not only in their business, but also in the one of others. This is pretty much what make an enterprise better and this does not stop being important for those one who will need to get the help of entrepreneurs like the ones in ABANCA.

In the present, ABANCA is still doing an effort to make its event international, so that they can get a better exposure in the world media. This is as well why it has been working so much in their internet websites and providing information on their events and different promotions, so that more people can be engaged with the bank.

It is a long way to go still, but at least one that sees growth everyday!


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