ATTENTION! Juan Carlos Escotet: ABANCA, Conferences As A Strategy

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ATTENTION! Juan Carlos Escotet: ABANCA, Conferences As A Strategy



If you like the work that ABANCA has been doing today, then you should know that there is a very important strategy that they have been using in the many years of work: conferences: .

Yes that is right. This is one of the many tools that will make the crowd be in touch with the improvements and actions of a bank. ABANCA knows that when customers are involved with the bank, it is going to be a lot more like to get a better improvement. You have to notice that Banesco is one of an institution that has been going further thanks to the much effort they have put in their development.


Partially, this improvement has been reached thanks to the people who uses the benefits. In fact, it is possible to say that there would be no bank if there were no customers. It is thus important to keep them as satisfied as possible. Sure, it is not like any bank will be perfect., they are formed by human beings and mistakes can happen. There is no reputation that can be considered as a perfect one among bankers but at least there are possibilities of keeping a vas majority of happy customers.

This is possible to be achieved through a right mindset that may imply getting a lot of conferences held in the halls of the bank.

Juan Carlos Escotet is the CEO of Banesco and president of ABANCA. He has understood and used the power of a good service and attention can have. Similarly, conferences are quite another idea that will be useful for any bank or institution that wants to get in touch with their public more directly.




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