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Juan Carlos Escotet: Banking Tips for Transactions



Do you want to have more of an idea while doing your online transactions? Then, you have arrived to the right page because with Escotet’s strategies for online transactions, you will get more tips to get things done more efficiently.

[Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez] gives you some easy tips

Juan Carlos Escotet gives you some easy tips

It is great to know that today there are plenty of ways in which you can get your transactions done via online and with a lot more of security. Technology aims to improve the quality of your bank operations and these strategies will aim to the same.

Remember to configure the settings: this is going to be something important for the sole reason of improving your own personal experience by adjusting everything to your specific taste. Some people prefer not receiving notifications for example and sometimes there are apps that can send you too many of them. You will feel more satisfied if you adjust this setting and, on the contrary, if you prefer to be notified of what the bank does, then just turn them on!

Password Changing: this can help you to have a better sense of security, so that you avoid being robbed online. In fact, it is important to do this, so that you don’t have to be thinking on the job if your money could be robbed by a hacker. It would be advisable to learn about password security and try to use more than a “123” or “ABC” kind of password.

Security Questions: this is similar to the one you read above. Try to make it complex for the hacker to get your account and do not directly answer, for example, if the question is “name of my pet”, instead of answering “Pippy”, answer “Wardrobe”.

Remember not to leave your account on in public places: it is very self-explanatory, right? You should do everything, but leave other people use the account you have your money in! Moreover, they could enter again and hack other accounts you have with that information and it is sure that you do not want to lose your money in anyway or another.


[Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]: Know how to be safe while online banking transactions

Juan Carlos Escotet: Know how to be safe while online banking transactions

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