Juan Carlos Escotet: Banesco and the Cardioamigos Foundation

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Juan Carlos Escotet: Banesco and the Cardioamigos Foundation



[Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]: Banesco supports Fundación Cardioamigos

Juan Carlos Escotet: Banesco supports Fundación Cardioamigos

Banesco is a bank that has been getting not only more popularity among other banks in the world, but getting a better range of services. This time we are talking about their initiative with cardioamigos who are a foundation dedicated to offer heart attention. They made a contribution of 82, 752, 88 bolivars in order to promote surgical treatments.

The partnership between Banesco and Cardioamigos comes not only from the present. They have been working since 2006 and this is likely to keep extending in time of course.

Banesco is widely known for their contributions to different programs and as you can see health is another area they have helped with. They also have made a donation to a hospital in the Maracaibo state which was more than 400,000,00 Bolivars. It is of course a great initiative that Banesco has given this much money in order to support those ones who are needing medical attention and services.

These donations and contributions have been not only part of covering social responsibility, but also a very nice alternative to contribute with society as well.

In the future, it would be easy to expect other contributions from the bank since they have been doing this for years. That is the moment in which you can make the difference between a bank who wants you to attend them and a bank that wants to cover you like Banesco has been doing it.  It is useful to understand that Banesco is one of the banks that have better reputation for its help in Venezuela and its contribution is one of the traits that make of them a bank with strong bonds with their customers and society.


[Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez]: Cardioamigos Foundation

Juan Carlos Escotet: Cardioamigos Foundation

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