ATTENTION! Juan Carlos Escotet: ABANCA and Banesco Working Together

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ATTENTION! Juan Carlos Escotet: ABANCA and Banesco Working Together



ABANCA is a very popular bank in Europe and the fact that they are getting so popular is not only a matter of mere luck. Juan Carlos Escotet brings more details about these alliances.

In fact, the bank has been collaborating with Banesco in order to get their projects achieved very efficiently.

The CEO of Banesco, Juan Carlos Escotet, has been able to reorganize great events and campaigns that have been constructive for ABANCA where he is the vice-president.

As well, the bank has provided users of the interest ideas for their safety while using banking systems. It is important for the bank to give a good culture in terms for banking to their customers because by doing that, more people can understand the value of money as it should be.

In Banesco, the “Microentrepreneurs Program” has helped people to develop better skills’ in terms of getting their enterprises to grow.

It is important for ABANCA and Banesco to collaborate with other institutes around the world not only to make campaigns but also to offer them a good help. This has made of Banesco and ABANCA a bank that has gotten a good partnership with other institutions and one of the best rewards is that more people gets good banking services.

You may want to know that Banesco and ABANCA intend to create more interesting plans in the futreu so that is one good reason to keep their track on their future events.

In terms of banking, Juan Carlos Escotet has developed a very good strategy in both banks and may people have seen themselves benefited. This is of course a great effort that has made the bank a better one and high quality services will still be offered by the two banks.

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